Welcome to the Geopark!

This is the place where we invite you to discover a symbolic area for Romania, Hațeg Country UNESCO Global Geopark. We are the first territory in the country recognized by UNESCO for the creative way of valorising the special geological and cultural heritage for tourism, education and science. You can find us in southwestern Transylvania in Hunedoara County. Practically, wherever you walk through the Hațeg Country, you are in the Geopark and in a UNESCO site.

This is an unique territory that invites you to go through a real Journey Through Time, back at special milestones in the history of planet Earth: The Age of the first rocks, 600 million years ago, the Age of the Tethys Ocean and the Dinosaurs Island, the Age of the Retezat, Șureanu and Poiana Ruscă Mountains formation, the last Ice Age, back to the time of early humans, the days of Dacians and Romans, the Age of knights, castles and stone churches, our Modern day. It is the University of Bucharest that manages this UNESCO site, coordinating and conducting research, education, interpretation and development activities of the Geopark.

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Each place in the Geopark has a story that is barely waiting to be discovered in our network of visiting centres called the Houses of the Geopark, in DinoStops or on the outdoor hiking routes. Together with our partners we organize activities and events through which the stories of the place and people come to life and contribute to the development of a responsible tourism in the UNESCO geoparks. For a full experience in the Geopark, contact us in advance to provide you with the information you need.


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