The whole landscape of Transylvania is concentrated in Hateg Country. The Nature is full of ”life”. The diversity of plants and animals species that believe the Hateg Country is their home is amazing.

As a natural amphitheater, Hateg Country ascends stepwise from 300 m altitude to over 2500 m. If you walk the area, you have the opportunity to pass through everglades and meadows.

In some places, people too created good conditions for living creatures. Whole plants species would disappear, if the meadows were not mowed. But the migrating birds, admired during the journey, would not have a stopover in Hațeg Country without human intervention. We invite you into the world of carnivorous plants, miniature woodlands, deep high forests and of most butterfly species in Romania.

If you want to make a visit, please contact the Geopark for information!

The Bison Reserve

The Daffodil Hayfields

The Swamp with Carnivorous Plants