University of Bucharest

The relations with the University of Bucharest

UB provides financial, administrative and academic support for managing the Geopark


The Geopark is a space where education, training and research activities can be carried out for students and academic staff in UB;


The Geopark is a space that can pull in financial, educational and research resources for UB's faculties;


The Geopark is a laboratory for implementing interdisciplinary projects done by UB students;


The Geopark supports the development of the Masters ”Applied geobiology in the conservation of natural and cultural heritage” and offers the possibility of developing a master in protected areas in partnership with the ProPARK Foundation. The Geopark is a case study for an international digital-collaborative Master's module "International Virtual Seminar Water and Climate", coordinated by the University of Oldenburg;


The Geopark uses the brand potential of UB and provides a good foundation for cooperation and national and international projects. The Geopark can ensure a dialogue with the faculties, centers, people with potential to work in or interested in the Geopark and propose topics for bachelor, master and doctoral projects;


The Geopark contributes to the implementation of the international courses, full-day intensive classes and ERASMUS mobility programmes.