House of the Geopark


We recommend it as a starting point for the Journey Through Time in the Geopark.

Located in the town of Hațeg, 9A Libertății Str., the House of the Geopark serves as headquarters for the UNESCO Global Geopark – University of Bucharest, as well as the permanent exhibit ”Balaurs, dragons, dinosaurs”.

The concept builds on the legends of the balaur, the myth of the dragons and the fascination of the dinosaurs. The exhibition star is Balaur bondoc,  a species of dinosaur that lived about 70 million years ago on the former Island of Hațeg. He has many stories to share with the visitors! From his discovery by a team of four Romanian and American paleontologists, to the way it received a shape thanks to the Canadian skillful paleoartists, Brian Cooley and Marry Ann Wilson. The two Canadians are the ones who recreated Zalmoxes robustus, another dinosaur that lived on the former Island of Hațeg and keeps company to Balaur bondoc in the exhibition at the House of Geopark. Also here you can find rocks, minerals and fossils, and a nest of genuine dinosaur eggs, from the Late Cretaceous.

Visiting schedule:

May 15-September 15


10:00 am-6:00 pm


10:00 am-4:00 pm

September 16-May 14

Reservation only.

Organized groups can make reservations for any day of the year by announcing the visit at least three days in advance to the phone numbers:

+40 254 777 853 or +40 743 072 930